It's Organic and African

High-Quality Organic Products from East Africa

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We distribute spices, nuts and a variety of pulses, seeds, dried fruits and coconut products with more to come.

The potential for growing organic crops in Tanzania is huge. And the farmers are already in full action. In an ongoing process we are certificating more and more organic products for the European market. Directly from our local Tanzanian farmers, we are offering a variety of high quality organic products - all at market price.

Win – Win

It's a win-win situation. You get high-quality organic products straight from Tanzania at market price. At the same time you support the hard working farmers in rural Tanzania - lifting them out of poverty. You support the local organic movement, educate farmers, empower the youth and keep the environment safe and clean. What's not to like?

Corporate Social Responsibility

This project:
  •  creates more jobs
  •  reduces poverty
  •  develop skills
  •  empower youth
  •  protect the environment

We are

Grøn Fokus ApS (Denmark)
Responsible for promotion and sale of the organic products from Tanzania in the EU.
We also assist our Tanzanian partner, GSO, with knowledge and knowhow related to education and production.

GSO LTD (Tanzania)
Global Source Organic - project coordinator in Tanzania. They are in contact with the local farmers and responsible for the inspection and certification of the organic products. They are also in charge of the collection and shipment of the products to Denmark. They furthermore mobilize farmers to go organic. Head of GSO, Jordan Gama, is also director of TOAM - Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement and president in African Organic Network - AfrONet, which is a continental umbrella organisation for organic actors.

2500 local farmers - all organic!
The typical Tanzanian farmer is living beneath the poverty line. He runs a small primitive agriculture of maximum 2 acres.
Organizing in farmer-groups, they are joining in, from villages all over Tanzania.

Contact for more info

lailaLaila Bendsen

Dep. Manager & Organic Consultant

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Mobile phone: +45 41 91 96 99
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